welcome to my new home

After months and months, finally my new website is here. It's been a long time coming! I started my blog back in 2010 with a standard template I picked up from WordPress. It was terrible but the important thing back then was just to start. A few months in, I asked my neighbour Rachel Riordan to draw me a header and a coworker, Andrea Kreuger to build me a blog. They did an amazing job and that blog served me extremely well for four years.

Today, I'm happy to introduce my new blog designed by Trish Papadakos. Not only has the design changed but also the platform (I've gone from WordPress to SquareSpace) so bear with me as I get use to the changes and tweak things as I go. I love the new logo Trish has designed for me - it's simple and clean but with a unmistakable personality. The font was originally designed for the Guggenheim Museum with the intentions of representing a range of artistic voices from Cezanne to Matthew Barney. As Trish explained to me, "it's a distinctive typeface that maintains a good dose of objectivity."  

In the past four years, I've noticed a lot of changes in the blogging world. The landscape has changed and even my own interaction with blogs is very different than it once was. I'll be the first to admit that my attention is now spread over many mediums (pinterest, twitter, instagram, etc) and that my days of commenting on other blogs is infrequent. However I still visit them regularly and look to them daily for inspiration. 

Blogs are still the home base from which everything else stems. The place we can always return to when we're looking for a bit more information or a deeper story. I'm so happy this is my new home.