new kitchen stools

At last, my new kitchen stools have arrived! You might remember back in January of this year I started my search for some new counter stools for our kitchen island. After much deliberating, I settled on these leather stools from Spain. marionhousestools2

I first spotted the chair version of this stool at a store in Toronto called Green Light District. I fell in love with the classic and timeless form and that yummy caramel leather.


When I asked whether or not they came in a stool version I was surprised to hear a resounding yes. They fulfilled all my criteria which was: a stool with a back, not prone to tipping over when little people jump out of them and easy to wipe clean. I ordered four of them and sat back to await their arrival from Spain.


We tend to eat most of our meals in the kitchen mainly because it makes cleanup that much easier. Orla's in that stage when at least half of her meal ends up on the floor. Getting rice off a carpet is no easy task not to mention tomato sauce.

marionhousestoolsIt's perfect in the summertime because we can open up our back doors practically living inside/outside. I've come to really love seeing those doors with the black finish and I'm convinced that painting the interiors in the same black would make a big difference.

marionhousestools4A friend of mine picked up this amazing Knot basket for me in Los Angeles. It's made by hand in Japan by artist Shigeki Fujishiro. It truly is a work of art. The fact that I can use it as a practical fruit basket makes it all the more interesting to me.


Here's one last look at the stools. I absolutely love them. They were worth the wait.

What do you think? Worth the wait? Next question do I change those pendant lights to these?