january - no sugar

My goal for January is no sugar. It is not without coincidence that I chose this intention for what will end up being the shortest month of the year (because of my late start). For me giving up sugar will be one of the hardest things I do. I absolutely LOVE it.


My last taste of sugar - homemade chocolate chip cookies.

However I noticed as I zipped around through the month of December that often I was relying only on sugar and coffee to get me through the day. I had absolutely no problem with grabbing a cookie for breakfast, eating a few granola bars throughout the day, having a few sugary snacks before dinner and then finishing the night off with a super sized, good quality chocolate bar. I wondered to myself what I would actually eat if sugar wasn't part of the game plan.

Well I'm starting to find out. The hardest time for me is around 3:30 - 4:00 pm and the evening. So far, I'm filling those sugar craving hours with green smoothies and tea. I'm also allowing myself 1-2 medjool dates a day. Is this allowed?


Which brings me to the kind of sugars I'm cutting out. Mainly the refined kind so no added sugars of any kind. I'm allowing myself fruit but that is about it.

Have you ever gone without sugar?


Photos and Styling - Emma Reddington