goodbye july

Really, already? I feel like this hot and steamy month just arrived. Apparently not! poof3

My intention for July was to get a little house maintenance done. I made a list and I got, wait for it...two things done on. Oh dear, not exactly inspiring. Perhaps I should have listened to the reader who left the comment about summer being the time to get outside and enjoy things!

If you're curious the items I accomplished were steam cleaning my carpets and laundering pillows. However, I feel I made a little headway in the home renovation department. I'm quite excited to try whitewashing my floors. A couple of readers had some very good suggestions about different ways and methods I could go about this. My goal is try and get them done over the Labour Day long weekend in September (are you reading this, dear husband?)


As for August, I'm going to take that reader's advice and unplug a bit. That might mean a few The Best of posts over here while we gear up for the Fall. I'm planning a redesign of the site plus a few more exciting things.


By the way, did you catch this feature in Fast Company magazine about unplugging? It's a rather hilarious take on how connected we all are and includes a nine step program for how to disappear. It's harder than you think. Poof!

Image credits:
1 - Filippo Minelli, La Nuit
2 - Aisha Zeijpveld
3 - Accuweather