easter decorating

I'm hoping by this time next week I'll be introducing you to my new blog. So exciting. Until then, I'd thought I'd get you inspired with some tabletop ideas for Easter that I did for Chatelaine. chatelaine_easter_sianrichards8There's nothing more beautiful than a basket (or bowl) of eggs. I mixed together natural duck and quail eggs with organically dyed eggs (instructions below) and a few thread wrapped eggs.


Make your own centrepiece by stacking different vases filled with one flower on top of a cake stand. Vary the heights to keep it interesting.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards6Make your own dyes using ingredients you find in your fridge and pantry. Onion skins, loose tea, blueberries, beets, and even parsley create beautiful, coloured eggs. For instructions, click here.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards9If you don't want to get your hands dirty, try wrapping your eggs in thread or washi tape. The thread can be held in place with a dab of white glue. Decorating eggs like this literally takes seconds.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards5Instead of traditional easter baskets, try these Mason Jar takeaways. Simply glue a plastic animal to a mason jar lid and spray paint the whole thing. Fill the jars with nesting material and top with candy eggs.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards2Give a simple name tag some personality with a strip of washi tape and a thread-wrapped eggs. I chose to mix springtime pastels with hits of bright neon's to keep it interesting.

chatelaine_easter1_sianrichardsFinally, our Northern Climate means flowers aren't always in bloom by Easter. Chances are you have lots of bare branches though! Cut some down, place them in a jar and hang floral foam eggs pinned with chrysanthemums. Easy Peasy!

Photos: Sian Richards for Chatelaine Magazine
Prop Styling: Julia Black, Rayna Schwartz


forcing forsythia

Every year around this time, I head into my backyard and cut down a few branches from our forsythia bush. It's one of the season's earliest bloomers and if you look closely you'll notice little buds just waiting to burst forth. If you want to force the blossoms prematurely all you need to do is bring the branches indoors. A little bit of warm air and water will give you beautiful, bright flowers in a matter of days. forsythia-2-2

The "bird's nest" is a project, Henry, my five year old, made with some twigs he found outside. You might also notice that I picked up those J. Crew New Balance sneakers I was crushing on. I can't wait to officially put all my winter boots and clothes behind me!

forsythia-1-2The photo in the mirror is probably from about three years ago. We take one every year in front of our forsythia bush when it is in full colour. We'll be doing it again soon. I'm finally starting to feel it- spring is in the air. Here's to a good week ahead.



succulents in painted pots

When will it end? Definitely the question on everyone's mind this winter in Toronto. It's been a long, drawn out season and I think even the winter-loving among us (of which I count myself as one) are ready to move on to spring. succulents-2

I've been dying to add some new plants to my house but the cold weather has made me pause. I fear bringing anything living outside at the moment even if it is just for a short car ride.


Regardless I did pick up a few small succulents. I needed something to remind me that spring is around the corner. I've filled a sunny spot in my kitchen with them.

succulents-5 A quick lick of white paint around the tops of the terracotta pots gave them a bit more character. It's also super simple and fast which is about my speed these days!


They seem to be doing remarkably well even with an outside door nearby. Fingers crossed they are a sign of more green things to come.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day! (A good day for a green post.)

trendspotting - plants

It's a green revolution. Plants are taking over rooms everywhere. On our trip to Sweden and Denmark in October I saw evidence of this all over the place but a quick look at Pinterest reveals the same thing. Luckily it's a fairly easy and inexpensive way to totally change the look of your home. I'm hoping the green thumbs out there can help me identify some of the plants below.

ELLE Decoration 0613StylingBilderTrendKråkvikD'OrazioThat first plant with the finger-like leaves - what is it? I absolutely love it. I also like the idea of grouping plants along a bench. (Everything looks better in groups!)


Pairing real plants with botanical prints is another way to bring a bit of greenery into your home.

d0f051e031deab100b075278a5f4144cThe more plants the better. Piled high on tables, chairs, stools wherever they can catch some light.

il_570xN.364911714_ncb9Does anyone know what plant that is on the right? I think it might be the same plant as in this pin.

b297244e9872bc6be98bf3646498498eI recognize the plant on the left, it's a fiddleleaf fig and is the one on the right a type of aralia? The black wall really makes the plants pop and I like the idea of using mismatched chairs as plant stands.

Image credits:
 1. Siren Lauvdal.
2. Femke Pastijn
3. Mark Bothwick's house from Restoring a House in the City. Photos: Mark C. O'Flaherty
4. Etsy - Tailmore Shop 
5. Home and Delicious