wide asleep

Henry told me the other day that Orla was wide asleep. I didn't know at the time if he meant she was wide awake or fast asleep. Turns out she was zonked out unlike in the photo below.

With almost three weeks of interrupted sleep starting to take its toll on my mind and body I'm beginning to think the term wide asleep actually applies to me. I might appear awake but really I'm a walking zombie. Wide asleep - that's what I am!

guest posts in the weeks to come

While I'm taking some time to get to know Orla I've asked a few of my blogger friends, who also happen to be mums, to fill you in on some of their best advice, recipes, products and travel tips. I learned a few things putting these posts together and I hope you will too. I'll be popping in occasionally with a few of my own posts including a brand new Hello! Neighbor tour and a bedroom makeover that will make you want to rush out and repaint your own space and I promise not to inundate you with too many baby photos!

A big thank you to all the super busy blogger mums who helped me put these posts together. I know for most of these women blogging is a passion and a hobby that happens after the day is over once the kids are in bed. I appreciate you taking some of that time and giving it to me!


welcome to the world

Our baby girl has arrived... After weeks of being told that our little package would likely arrive early she showed up three days late but wasted no time in making her entrance. One moment I was making dinner and two hours later at 8:18 pm she arrived upstairs in our bedroom. She was determined and feisty just like I expected her to be. Her name is Orla Adelaide Aust. Orla is a Gaelic name that means golden queen but I like to think of her as my golden girl. She is also named after her two great grandmothers; Olive Adelaide Hackman and Helen Muriel Aust.

Henry is proving to be an excellent big brother already offering to protect her when she is scared and telling her she is beautiful.We've spent the weekend getting use to being a family of four and I have to say it feels just right like we are complete. Welcome to the world, Orla.

nursery is ready!

I think this might be the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The nursery is updated and ready - all we need now is the baby! You might remember that I wanted to freshen up the nursery without exerting a lot of energy or money. My goal was to soften the room and make it a soothing, calming place for both me and my newborn. I think I achieved that! {Here's the before photo for reference.)

The most dramatic change I made to the nursery was the purchase of this new striped cotton kilim by Dash & Albert. It's soft underfoot and on the eyes. I also opted for some warm grey curtains in heavy linen to replace the thin, cotton drapes I had there before. I made up the crib in simple white linens from Virginia Johnson and Pottery Barn. {And yes, I am well aware that bumper pads are not recommended for newborns! No worries they will be coming down before any baby sleeps in that crib. I just wanted to get an idea of what they would look like.}

As a treat to myself, I purchased a woven rattan pouf from Serena & Lily. I'm looking forward to having somewhere to put my feet up when I'm breastfeeding in the rocking chair.

On the wall opposite the crib I removed the Ikea Lack shelf that never hung straight and replaced it with this Inke Heiland wallpaper elephant. You'll notice that our white oak credenza works quite well in this room which is a good thing as this is the only wall in the rest of the house it fits along!

Most of the small details in the room like these sweet booties and soft animals have come from generous friends and family. Decorating with baby items is inherently easy because these pieces are in and of themselves delicate and lovely.

Finally, all of Henry's plaid, blue button-up shirts have been replaced with cream and white dresses for now. I certainly hope the ultrasound technician got it right when she told me I was having a girl!

Okay, baby we're ready for you now - come on out and meet the world!