52 objects - no.47

I don't read Real Simple magazine on a monthly basis but every now and then I pick it up. I noticed in the November issue that they had a feature called, Sometimes an Object is Just an Object...And Sometimes it's so Much More. They asked five writers to describe the sentimental value of an everyday object they cherished. Not unlike, what I have been doing here for the past 11 months or so. They even numbered them! My favourite story came from writer, Anne Kreamer. She wrote about her anniversary pearls that were given to her by her husband on their 30th anniversary. The first thing he did for their anniversary was broadcast a love song he had commissioned for her on the public radio show he hosts (pretty special!) and then later, he presented her with a box with three numbers on the outside: 10 957, 30 and 1. Thirty was obviously for the number of years they had been together but she didn't understand the other two numbers until she opened the box. Inside was one beautiful, spherical vase filled with 30 full size pearls and 10, 957 miniature seed pearls representing the number of days they had been together. You must read the rest of the article to hear her describe the sentimental value of this present and to see the photograph of the pearls. The other four stories are also worth a read.

Here is my object number forty-seven...

52 objects - no. 46

Last night, I was looking through the Vanity Fair website when I came across a post titled, "My Most Treasured Object". The article tells the story of decorating doyenne, Bunny William's, favourite thing , a murano crystal and sterling silver turtle. She states in the post, "over the years you collect so many things that you love. You look at them and you think, I really adore this. I don't change things very often, but my most treasured possession is one of the newest things I have purchased." I was hoping to discover more of these posts since the header stated that this was a new series that would ask taste-makers what object in their possession they treasured most and why. Alas, I couldn't find anymore. Let me know, if you manage to track down more of them.

Below is one of my fifty-two most treasured possessions!