my 10 most popular posts

I'm going to take a little breather through the month of August and countdown my 10 most popular posts of all time. I'll still be here with a few new musings (a fabulous Hello! Neighbor, an amazing DIY, and a couple other things) so be on the look out for those but to kick off the month let's start with my 10th most popular post. This post was first published on April 25, 2010 after I had only been blogging for about 2 months. The images were quickly picked up by a few other blogs including Bodie and Fou which helped launch my site outside of my Toronto/Canada sphere. Luckily, my photography skills have come a long way since those early days! By the way this is a great and super easy DIY. I still have a few of these white glass vases kicking around!

Next weekend, I'm helping throw a baby shower for one of my good friends. I love throwing a good party and a baby shower is the perfect excuse to pull out all of the lovely, feminine, delicious things that you can't get away with every day. I don't want to spoil the surprise too much but I was so impressed by how this simple project turned out that I wanted to share it with you.

I discovered it on Poppytalk, who found it in the April edition of Canadian House and Home and Australia's Real Living. It couldn't be easier to do. Basically, you take any glass container (including recycled juice bottles or jars) and swirl them with your favorite paint colour.

Here is the project as it appeared in Canadian House and Home via Poppytalk.

Of course, you want to make sure the bottles are clean and that the label and any sticky residue is removed. Then, put a dollop of paint in the bottom of each bottle and swirl it until the paint covers the entire surface. I would suggest starting the project outside in case you drip any paint but them moving the containers inside to dry. I killed a few unsuspecting insects in my first attempt (sorry, bugs!)

Here is the before:

Beautiful in their own way...

And the afters...simply white.


top of the heap - bedrooms

I'll have a brand new Hello! Neighbor post for you in the next couple of weeks but today let's take a look at some of the best bedrooms I have featured. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out some of the interesting ways my neighbor's have decorated their bedrooms from framing fabric to a DIY handkerchief bunting that you could make in an afternoon! The interesting artwork above Sheldon and Ulrika's bed sparked a lot of questions. Turns out it is a piece of Marimekko fabric stretched over a frame.

Rachel and Paul's country bedroom has a bunting behind the bed made from vintage handkerchiefs a quick and easy DIY you could make on the weekend.

Kristin and Derek's bedroom features a lovely, vintage Danish blanket and photography by Derek. Blowing up 2-3 photos at a larger scale is a great way to top your headboard.

I love the embroidered throw and vintage wicker basket in Per and Elana's bedroom. Adding a few one of a kind items to a room can really make a difference.

The raw, unfinished window frame, baseboards and floorboards give Bre and V's bedroom so much personality. You might recognize this spot from some of Scout & Catalogue's lookbook shots.

Murray and Sian were not afraid of a little colour in their bedroom (see all of the white walls above!). This soft grey-brown paint perfectly offsets their white painting.

Adding a chair to a bedroom can be a great way to add a bit of visual interest and gain some storage space. I love the way this bentwood chair in Jenny's bedroom has become almost invisible underneath all of her beautiful pillows.

Finally, a shot of my own bedroom. I made the large black, orange and yellow pillows (furthest back) out of a vintage rug I found and the bedside table is a classic wood cheese box that just happened to be the perfect height.

Image Credits:
All images by Kristin Sjaarda




top of the heap - living rooms

Summer, glorious summer. Aren't you happy it's here? This is the time of year to be outside with friends and family which is why throughout the next couple of months I'm going to dig into my own archives to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the heap.

I thought I would start with a look back at some of the best living rooms from my Hello! Neighbor posts. Sometimes, it's nice to compare apples to apples. You see things you might not have noticed the first time around.

Enjoy! (and then get outside!)

The home of Per and Elana with its white painted floors and gallery wall is one of my all time favorites.

Jenny Francis' home attracted a lot of attention with its exposed wood beam ceiling which creates a loft-like feeling in this Victorian house.

Hands down, Jenn's living room is the one I would want to settle down in with a good book it's effortlessly relaxed and stylish.

Rachel and Paul's city home (now sold) was a riot of colour and pattern. I wonder if the pink ceiling still exists? I know the new owners...maybe time for a visit.

Here's Rachel and Paul's new home in the country this time with a blue ceiling. Readers absolutely loved this rural escape.

Abi and John's home complete with clawfoot tub in the kitchen and stunning floor to ceiling windows was another one of my absolute favorites.

Finn and Marilyn's airy loft (now sold) became too small for them with the arrival of Maeve. Perhaps, we'll have to drop in on their new place!

Finally, Lorne and Yasmin's living room was the very first Hello! Neighbor tour I ever did. I love that large mirror on the back wall and the view it provides of the rest of the room.

Image Credits:
Images 1-3 and 5-7 - Kristin Sjaarda
Image 4 - Myles McCutcheon
Image 8 - Lorne Bridgman