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Inside Out is an Australian shelter magazine that I would love to get my hands on. Trouble is it is next to impossible to get up here in Canada. However that hasn't stopped me from admiring it from afar. You can imagine my surprise when I heard that they wanted to do a small shout out to The Marion House Book. janfeb2013lowrescoverTurns out they were doing a little feature on blogs to watch and mine was one they wanted to highlight. We even made it to the top of the page!

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Did I mention that they wrote this article back in January of this year...sometimes it takes me awhile to get around to mentioning these things! Oh well, the summery garden cover looks perfectly seasonal for our Northern climate right now.

it's happening

Ten years ago I moved back to Toronto with my now husband. I was 30 years old and about to go back to university for the third time to study interior design. While the majority of my friends were blazing paths with new careers and exciting work prospects I felt like I was slipping backwards. When people asked me what I did I was embarrassed to say I was student. In essence I felt like everyone was getting ahead while I was going nowhere. Tassel_Garland_Multi__New_LR

And yet I knew I was on the right path. I knew if I put my head down and worked hard that eventually it would pay off. I pulled all nighters for four years to get through design school. I worked summer jobs in busy kitchens, started and ended a cupcake business, worked as a caterer for photographers, began writing a blog, moonlighted as an assistant food stylist, prop styled photo shoots, designed kitchens, bathrooms, living room, exhibits and pretty much said yes to everything that came my way.


Yesterday it all paid off. I started a new job as the Home Editor of Chatelaine Magazine (The number one magazine in Canada!). I would be lying if I said it wasn't a dream come true. I have always wanted to work at a magazine. In fact, when I graduated from University (the first time around) that's what I set out to do. It's probably why I found myself writing this blog. It's not that I started it with the intention to get myself into magazine but it is inherently what I love and I think (not to be boastful in any way) that my passion for writing, editing and curating shined through.

Joslyn Taylor of the blog Simple Lovely (and one of my earliest supporters) found herself in the very same position as me about a year ago. She was leaving her old job of 13 years to dive into the world of editing a magazine. I'll always remember that she used the term "trusting her cape" as she took the big jump into her dream job.

Friends I'm taking a big jump and I'm trusting my cape!


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Confetti System
Desk of Ayesha Patel - Martha Stewart



in a norwegian magazine

The blogging world can take you in interesting directions. The other day I was approached by Norwegian interiors magazine, BoligDrom, to run one of my photos in their print magazine. It was for a feature on ethnic chic style.

You know I love a good Moroccan pouf and Turkish rug when I see one! The truth is I think picking things up when you're travelling or out vintage shopping bring a touch of warmth and character to your home. These objects tell little stories about your life and give your home personality.

The photo they wanted from me was one of my bedroom in a somewhat unfinished state! I actually snapped it quite quickly one day when I was getting my house ready for the House & Home photo shoot last year. Since then the photograph has flown around Pinterest and has proven to be very popular. I think it has something to do with those great striped sheets from DwellStudio and those kilim pillows I made myself out of an old rug.

So even though I can't read any of this article it's a thrill to have my photo be a small part of it!



home tour with local filmmaker

Sometimes I come across spaces that are so spectacular and so realized that they blow my mind. Rob Pilichowski's home, in a converted car repair shop in my neighbourhood, is one of those places. When I saw his place I knew I had to share it with a wider audience than just here on my blog. I contacted Toronto Life magazine and they agreed that it would make a perfect story for one of their Great Spaces pieces. The full article is available on newsstands now but I thought I would share with you a few photographs of the space today.

About three years ago, Rob, a documentary filmmaker who also dabbles in interior design (he's currently working on a restaurant in Brooklyn) and his father started stripping this four storey loft of all its generic and commonplace features. Out went the pre-fab kitchens and bathrooms (there are four) and in its place went fixtures and furnishing that are full of character and history. There's a definitely a cinematic quality to his loft.

Inspired by the work of Lindsey Adelman, Pilichowski and his father made three of these asymmetrical light fixtures for the loft with the help of glass blower David Thai.

Throughout Rob's loft are family photographs and artifacts of his family's life in Poland before they moved to Canada. He has a collector's eye. Walking into his loft is like opening the door to a large cabinet of curiosities.

All of the walnut furniture in Rob's bedroom was made by his father Roman. Rob says, "he's old school and could build an entire house from scratch."

While I was visiting Rob he told me that he actually has big renovation plans for the loft including moving the kitchen to the second floor and possibly adding an all glass extension to the roof. We'll definitely have to go back for another visit then.



Image credits:
1, 4 and 6 - Michael Graydon
2,3,5 and 7 - Rob Pilichowski