whitewashed floors

{This post is for my husband so I hope he drops by and reads it!} Dear Myles,

I want to paint the floors in our living room, dining room and hallway white. As you know our wood floors are on their last legs and I want to experiment one more time before we have to rip them out and replace them with new ones. I know you are against it so I have come up with another solution. It might take a bit more work but I think the end results will be outstanding. Let's whitewash our floors! If we do it right the end result should look something like this.


You are already love them, don't you?

Picture 3

Of course, ours won't be as beautiful and wide as this but the colour - we could achieve that colour!


I'm feeling calmer and more relaxed already, aren't you? The house already seems brighter.


See, it works beautifully with black and white - two colours that already figure prominently in our house.

Now, you're probably wondering how we are going to do this. Well, apparently there is a formula for this with before/after photos that show how it works. I figure if it worked for Izabella it can work for us. What do you say?

Image credits:
1 -3 - Emma's Blogg
2 - Dinesen
4 - Splendid Willow