Whirlwind February

I've had a busy couple of weeks jumping from one project to the next. At times, I woke up not only wondering what day of the week it was but what city I was in. I took off to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the middle of February amongst swirling snowstorms that grounded my plane for a day to shoot to stunning homes for Chatelaine.

That was quickly followed a few days later by a wedding I prop styled for a friend. She had requested a winter white wedding (which back in warm, green December seemed like a terrible idea). Luckily the weather did its part and she was married on what seemed the coldest day this year. I loved the rustic, barely-iced wedding cake stand with its salal garland and  birch logs cut from her dad's hunting lodge. 

Before the wedding even got under way, I was in my car driving up North to join my family for a couple days of skiing. It's the first winter we have our 2.5 year old on skis. She seems to love it once we get her to top of the hill but getting her there can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

From the ski hill I went directly to Cityline for the March edition of our Chatelaine show. It was my first time working behind-the-scenes on Cityline and I have to say it was a bit nerve-wrecking. We (myself and a prop stylist) basically had about 45 minutes from 9:15 am when our props arrived until 10 am when the show started to get our segments set up. That included setting up and styling this IKEA wardrobe! 

A day later I was on set shooting umbrellas for our April issue and the next day I was on a plane to New York City to interview Nate Berkus. (Nikki Reed also made an appearance). I wrapped up my crazy two weeks with a peaceful afternoon at MoMA where I took in the Forever Now show. Definitely worth a visit if you get the chance. 

Mary Weatherford

Mary Weatherford