what's been happening

I thought I would start the week catching you up with some of the things that have been happening over here. As I mentioned on Friday, we've been hit with a few big snowstorms lately. I've been waiting all winter for this to happen. I love how quiet and peaceful the city becomes when the trees and streets get blanketed with snow. Isn't this what winter is all about? Henry certainly didn't mind! He was out there helping us shovel the snow (ok, helping Myles shovel the snow) and getting lost in the huge white drifts. We also introduced him to skating and tobogganing this past week. You can't be a true Canadian without learning both of these winter sports!

Of course, all of this working and playing in the snow called for some hearty, comforting food. One of the things I like best about the weekends is that I have the time to put something in the oven that takes 2-3 hours to cook. It's a luxury we just don't have on the weekdays. Plus there is nothing better than having a warm house filled with the smell of food cooking when you come in from outside. This beef stew recipe is from Cook's Illustrated and it is one I return to again and again. (Maybe, I'll include it in my Best Recipes section.)

I'll admit that I have also spent the last week or so using up some of the gift cards I received over Christmas. I couldn't resist these super soft Marc boots bought at local store Imelda. They're perfect with skirts and skinny pants and not so high that I can't wear them everyday. I'm especially loving them with some of the new navy blue things in my closet. (Although, if the Golden Globes is any indication I might want to wear them with some emerald green and long sleeves.) I also picked up this leather wrap bracelet from Club Monaco and this mink collar from a vintage store. The mink collar was a steal at $10. I think it probably came off of an old coat. I'll need to use my very rudimentary sewing skills to attach some kind of clasp to it to keep it wrapped around my neck.

Finally, yesterday I took Henry to the Royal Ontario Museum, to see an exhibit by Ghanaian artist El Anatsui. I had seen his work a few years ago at the 52nd Venice Biennale and was eager to see a larger installment of his sculpture. Anatsui creates staggering metallic tapestries woven from discarded whiskey, rum and vodka caps. Of course, this isn't apparent until you get up very close to them.

We had a lovely time at the museum. I hope it's something we do more often with Henry. Honestly though, what it really made me hanker for was another trip to Venice. The 54th Biennale begins June 4th and ends November 27th. Hmm, time to start planning!

Image credits:
Image of El Anatsui in Venice -Newsgrist/Robert Goldwater Library
Image of El Anatsui in Arsenale Pavillion - via Meg's House and close-up by Nash Baker via African Colours