what a talent!

Alanna Cavanagh is a remarkable artist. She lives and breathes her work and gets a little on edge if she can't find the time to get "inky" as she calls it. Being a commercial artist is no easy feat. It requires not only being completed devoted to your craft but also being a savvy and smart business woman. Alanna is an agile artist who has found a way to work in many different mediums and with a diverse group of clients. However, each and everyone of her projects contains the essence of Alanna. It's the mark of an exceptional artist and someone who fully understands her craft. Today, I'd thought I would show you a selection of Alanna's work as it has appeared in stylish homes. None of these shots (with the exception of the last two) were taken with the express interest to showcase Alanna's work but I think it is incredible how much they really set the tone and feeling of the room.

This image is from a shoot of cookbook author Trish Magwood's home as it appeared in Canadian House & Home.

In Magwood's son's room, the graphic orange pillowcases were inspired by Alanna's A Room of One's Own print.

Finally, in Trish Magwood's little girl's room, Alanna's Alphabet Legs print adds an air of sophistication.

This image from the online magazine Covet Garden illustrates what a captivating presence Alanna's prints can have on a room.

This image of textile designer Bev Hisey's home appeared in this month's issue of Chatelaine. You can see Alanna's print of the Big Orange Scissors on the credenza. A fitting work for a designer!

I noticed this image in photographer Jodi Pudge's portfolio. I love all the red and white accents. UPDATE - Just found out this home belongs to Covet Garden founder and editor Lynda Felton.

Finally, these two images come from a photoshoot Alanna just completed with photographer Janet Kimber. Here is S is for Swing again.

And one of my personal favourites, Brooks Brothers Suit.

If you'd like the chance to win one of Alanna Cavanagh new works, An Empty Belly, please leave a comment on Monday's post. I know it would make a stunning addition to anyone's home. Thanks again, Alanna for such an excellent giveaway!

Image credits:
1-3 - Stacey Brandford
4 -Jodi Pudge
5 -Donna Griffith
6 - Jodi Pudge
7-8 - Janet Kimber