welcome to the world

Our baby girl has arrived... After weeks of being told that our little package would likely arrive early she showed up three days late but wasted no time in making her entrance. One moment I was making dinner and two hours later at 8:18 pm she arrived upstairs in our bedroom. She was determined and feisty just like I expected her to be. Her name is Orla Adelaide Aust. Orla is a Gaelic name that means golden queen but I like to think of her as my golden girl. She is also named after her two great grandmothers; Olive Adelaide Hackman and Helen Muriel Aust.

Henry is proving to be an excellent big brother already offering to protect her when she is scared and telling her she is beautiful.We've spent the weekend getting use to being a family of four and I have to say it feels just right like we are complete. Welcome to the world, Orla.