wee gallery - smart art for kids

The other day I received an email from a reader who has an innovative and thoughtful business she started with her family a few years ago. The company is called Wee Gallery and they specialize in art products, wall graphics and books that stimulate young minds. As I'm sure you've heard children learn an incredible amount in their first five years of life. Surya and her husband - she's a graphic designer and he's a teacher -  took what they learned and turned into a smart and engaging family run business. Surya kindly sent me a few of their products last week and I'm happy to say they were a hit at our house. Art Cards for Baby, Baby's First Organic Soft Book, Safari Rubber Stamp Kit

If you're the parent of a young child than you probably know that babies only see about 12-15 inches in front of their face and that they favour black and white images. I remember when we first discovered this with Henry. It was amazing to see that shadow of recognition pass across his face. The Wee Gallery produces a great range of black and white art cards that are specifically made for infants. I'm looking forward to trying these out when our next one arrives.

Of course, our little three year old took immediately to the beautifully crafted rubber stamp set. He was making jungle scenes in no time pressing with all his might on those wooden stamps! These box sets would make great presents for small children.

Growing like a Weed Growth Chart, Jungle Wall Graphics

If you're looking for something to decorate your child's nursery with you might want to consider one of Wee Gallery's wall graphics. Their whimsical illustrations and beautiful palette would be a great focal point in the room. I'm particularly fond of the playful Growth Chart.

What I like most about Wee Gallery is that it is a decidedly family affair. Surya's two small children contribute drawings and paintings to the products and when it comes time for a trade show the whole family often takes off together. I love it when a labour of love turns into a success story!