vintage industrial kitchen

A few months ago, I helped a good friend out with her kitchen renovation. She was working with a tight budget but I knew with a bit of ingenuity we could give her a space she would love. She was looking for a bright, airy kitchen with touches of both vintage and industrial charm.

White cabinets were an obvious choice and we decided on the solid Birch Ramsjo Doors from Ikea. This line also includes a glass door version which we thought would add some nice variation to her upper cabinets. Including some wood was also important and since wood floors were not an option we decided to install oak countertops. While wood countertops require a bit more maintenance they are very budget friendly! To bring in the industrial element, we chose all stainless steel appliances, a restaurant style kitchen faucet with hand spray, and a vintage white factory pendant light.

Ikea Ramsjo Cabinets, Marmoleum Bahamian Sea Floor Tile, Ikea Numerar Wood countertops, White Subway Tile, Ikea Hjuvik Kitchen Faucet, Victorian Ceiling Tile, Industrial Factory Light, Anthropologie Glass Melon Knobs, Ikea Ekby Hensvik shelves.

To bring in the vintage element, we covered the ceiling in Victorian ceiling tiles and painted it a light blue, we lay the floor in linoleum tiles, and added delicate blue and  clear glass knobs to the cabinets. We also saved some money by installing floating shelves instead of uppers in one area of the kitchen. The kitchen was finished off with a simple white subway tile backsplash.

It's important if you have open shelves in your kitchen that you pay some attention to what you put on them. I suggested she pick up on the robin's egg blue colour we had used in other parts of the kitchen and add some fun but practical accessories. Anthropologie has a great line of kitchen components that woud look great in any kitchen. I love the bright, cheerful colours they use.

Latte Bowls, Ted Jolda Wavering Glasses, Kitchen Market Whisks, Farmer's Market Baskets - small square, Laguiole Steak Knives, Farmer's Egg Crate. All from Anthropologie.

Don't you love those wavering glasses in orange, purple, blue and yellow? They are designed by Canadian, Ted Jolda. He originally made the glass tumblers for a neighbour who had arthritis and had trouble holding a glass with one hand. I think they might just make a perfect holiday present for someone.

I'm happy to say my friend's kitchen came in on budget and looks spectacular. She's just putting the finishing touches on the kitchen but once it is ready I will try and get some photographs of the finished space to show you. Can you imagine a kitchen like this for yourself?