victoria's parisian flea markets

Today's guest blogger needs no introduction. It's none other than Victoria from sfgirlbybay! I pretty much fell off my chair a few months ago when she asked me to guest post on her blog. I couldn't believe she even knew who I was. She also mentioned something about returning the favor if I ever needed her help! So I asked her. Of course, she willingly obliged. Not only has she gathered together a great post for all of you but she has given me some shopping advice as well. Thanks Victoria!

Hello Marion House readers! It's Victoria from sfgirlbybay, stepping in for Emma while she's off jaunting about in France. Ahem, are we not just a tad bit jealous??? I thought so! Well, here we are, so today I thought I'd share one of my obsessions, Paumes Books. And this one in particular, because it's all about Paris Brocantes, or markets and shops specializing in vintage and antique wares.

Paris Brocante is written in Japanese, so I can’t read it, but I do like to look at all those pretty pictures. Fortunately, the shop names and addresses are all listed, so should lucky you be making the trip to Paris soon, you will be able to locate the over 45 shops and markets listed in the book.

You can find all kinds of Paumes titles on their English website. I don’t know when my next trip to Paris might be, but I hope Emma can take adventage of this book and we can live vicariously through her travels. Bon voyage!