victorian house inspiration

If you read Victoria Smith's blog sfgirlbybay on a regular basis (and really who doesn't - she's a star!) than you may have already seen this house. However I thought it was worth posting again because:

a) this house is in Toronto
b) it's a Victorian with so many lovely ideas to steal from!!


Let's take a look.

346e5071bc8c66035c661f2c364da021Hello, beautiful rough wood floors, white walls and striking black fireplace with simple bookshelves. If you have ever wondered about painting out your wood fireplace this might be all the inspiration you need.

1f0aa31c9f3f7b66c04469f05c27cab3Is that a Gaetano Sciolari chandelier hanging from the centre of the room? Love! A dramatic light fixture really makes a room.

61522d6b69fb230175f4031e5d0739ceThe best part about this house might be the black painted window trim and baseboards. Victorian houses are known for these outstanding features so why not call them out.

8b3d4dd54948142345a92ecc1520f2f2The kitchen is a lesson in black and white (and maybe a bit stark for my taste.) I do like how the pendant lights are all slightly different. A good reminder that not everything needs to match.

40a0969fd462008b7843db64996f654dA wall of marble topped with an oversize mirror and three low hanging pendants...great idea.

c485e22e1e59857765adf5c7cb9000b0Iconic chairs and beautiful art. These pieces are investments and worth spending the money on.

8c0646d7826d54225ac1a2bfc87b9db5Furniture as sculpture. This sofa really makes a statement in this room and that brass floor lamp is just perfect.Sometimes you don't need a lot of furniture you just need the RIGHT furniture.

What do you think? I'm very tempted to have someone come by and paint out all of our baseboards black and maybe paint a few half walls at the same time! I'm getting the itch to change a few things around here (so much easier before I had two kids in the picture.) We'll see.

To read more on this house take a look at the original tour over at The Globe and Mail.

Photo credits: 
Lisa Petrole 
Interior Design:
Stephane Chamard