updating the nursery

Some of you have been wondering what I'm going to do to update the nursery. The truth is not much! I have neither the time, patience, money or heart to change something that doesn't really need fixing. (How terribly wasteful that would be!) However, the designer in me would love to make a few small changes to the room to make it a little softer and more soothing for a new baby. I think with a couple minor variations I could make a big difference in the room. Let's start with what is staying.

Obviously, I'm not changing anything that requires a lot of labour (removing wallpaper, repainting walls) or money (the furniture). What I am willing to update is the rug (this one is currently in Henry's new room), the curtains (these are inexpensive window coverings from Ikea that don't block the light), and the bed linens.

The other big change will come on the other side of the room where we have moved the credenza from our former dining room. Installed above the credenza is an Ikea Lack shelf that has never hung perpendicularly (I blame our not so flush plaster walls). It's been a pet peeve of mine ever since it went up! I can't wait to take it down and hang something else in its place.

I'll be back tomorrow with my ideas of how to update the space quickly and inexpensively!

Image credit:
Per Kristiansen