until next year

Will you be eating tourtiere tonight? Will you stay up late and open gifts until the wee hours or does your family wait until December 25th? Capture0184The other day I was at a party and we went around the room talking about our holiday traditions. Each person's was entirely unique. One family eats cabbage rolls and pierogies on Christmas Eve and opens all their presents that night saving their stockings for Christmas morning when they always eat crepes. Another family downs a bottle of scotch on Christmas Eve and wears masks that one of the daughters makes. (I want to be at that party!)

Capture0258Over here we'll be having cheese fondue and tourtiere this evening and we'll save all our presents for tomorrow morning. The part I'm most looking forward to is opening our stockings in bed with the kids.

What's your holiday tradition? I'd love to hear.

I'll be back here in 2014. Until then stay warm!

Photos by Sian Richards.