unruly houseplants

This isn't a pretty post. I'm warning you now! This morning it is all about getting down to business. I need your help. I'm at my wit's end with what to do with my unruly house plants. What started out as attractive, lush green moments in my home have become these sprawling, top heavy plants that are taking over the room.

(Can you spot the sleeping baby?)

The two plants that are driving me crazy are my original fiddle leaf fig tree and my palm (I don't actually know the exact species). I've had both of these plants for about 8 years. They both came with me from my former home. I have cut the branches of the fig tree back numerous times but it just doesn't have the same lusciousness and vitality it once did. The palm tree I have never pruned because I don't know where to start.

What do I do? I'm hoping there are some plant experts out there that can help me get my flora under control. I've actually started to move these plants out of the main, busy rooms because they are taking up too much space. What do you do when your plants become unruly? Is it possible to prune them right back to something smaller and more manageable or do I need to find new homes for these plants?

In the meantime, I'm thinking of picking up a bonsai tree. The more I see these miniature plants the more I absolutely love them. I can totally imagine one on my counter in the kitchen against the black wall. There's something about these diminutive plants that is really captivating. Any thoughts on bonsai trees? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself wanting one of these if I can't get my other plants under control!

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So plant lovers please help me! What can I do about my unruly house plants?