trends, moodboards & tips, oh my!

It might not look like it over here but I have been quite busy in the blogging world lately! I've been writing quite a bit for the Chatelaine website along with my regular twice a month posts over at HGTV. Between my one year old, four year old and full time job I have quite a bit to keep me on my toes! Here are a few of my posts from around the blogosphere... hgtv_maymoodboardLooking for some ideas for throwing a graduation party or maybe a new engagement? Check out my May moodboard for HGTV.

lightlocationsOne of my favourite summertime (actually anytime) past times is checking out antique fairs. I always find it easier to go with a few things in mind so I don't get overwhelmed by the selection. Here are the  top five objects I will be looking out for in the next couple of months.


If you're renovating your kitchen this summer you might be interested in the five trends I've noticed that are on the rise. Can you guess the one above?


Finally, if you're doing some gardening on your balcony this summer you might want to read this post. I didn't actually write this one but my good friend and gardening expert Sarah of My Luscious Backyard did! Invaluable advice!

Have a good weekend!


Image credits:
1) Emma Reddingon (that's me)
2) Light Locations
3) Vosges Paris, A Paper Aeroplane
4) Fantastic Viewpoint