Time to Refresh our Bedroom

My house is conspiring against me to give our bedroom a bit of a makeover. It started when we decided that we needed to rescue the Noguchi paper lantern from Henry's room. One too many soccer balls, tennis balls and other random flying objects were being hurled in its direction everyday. Then the blinds in our room decided to stop working. FInally, I realized that all of my sheets and pillowcases had rips and tears in them and I was down to only one decent set of sheets. Not to mention that we never really got around to putting up any accent lighting in that room. So the wheels have been turning as to what our refreshed bedroom might look like.

I'm loving muted pastels at the moment. They're soft and romantic without being overly feminine. I've also always wanted some linen sheets so I think this is the time to finally indulge in that fantasy.

Top photo,  Heidi Lerkenfeldt .

Top photo, Heidi Lerkenfeldt.

I took a trip to Elte MKT last weekend and found a few things that would totally work. (I love the fact that everything they show the floor they have available for purchase. I'm all about instant gratification!) They have some amazing sheets in dark charcoal grey and natural linen (priced really well) which would be a good jumping off point. Of course, their rug selection is second to none. I fell in love with this Moroccan-inspired beni ourain one. Finally they had some great accessories like this floor light and stone-washed linen throw pillows in an assortment of colours.

Of course the question is do I take this opportunity to also paint my bedroom. If I did I think I would paint the walls in Farrow and Ball's Pink Ground with maybe some accents of Dead Salmon (because haven't you always wanted to use that colour!) Then I found this photo of the Red Ticking store in Seattle which made me wonder if I should paint our ceiling, fireplace and doors in a dark grey like Down Pipe

Mmm...it feels to good to be conspiring to do something in the house again.