time to paint the dining room

The time has come. I'm bored with my white walls in the dining room and living room and itching for a change. I want something warm and moody that will complement my white oak furniture and hits of black. I have to admit it was this kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball - Pigeon that really got me thinking. 

I just fell in love with this colour when I saw it. It reminds me of the images I pulled out in this recent post. However, since I know every house takes paint in a different way I've pulled out a little more than a half dozen paint chips to see what works best for us. They are from left to right: Light Grey, Mouse's Back, Stoney Ground, Lamp Room Grey, French Grey, Mizzle, Pigeon and Blue Grey all by Farrow and Ball. 

Sorry for the grainy photo!

Sorry for the grainy photo!

Farrow and Ball has a great feature by the way called Inspiration. Homeowners can upload photos of their rooms painted in F&B colours which is so useful when you're contemplating variations. Here's a another shot of a room painted in Pigeon. Here it looks much darker and more grey more like it appears in my shot above.

I'm tempted to paint all the mouldings as well although it is a huge undertaking. At present, they are all painted in a high gloss oil paint so it would take up to two weeks of drying time. I'm not sure that is possible with two kids running around. Maybe we'll just start with the walls! 

What do you think? Is Pigeon the way to go?