shopping for summer basics

This weekend I partook in my semi-annual closet switch - away went the winter clothes and in came the summer ones. I always thought I was fairly good at purging but it dawned on me as I unpacked my summer clothes that many of the pieces I have had since I got married which was 10 years ago this August. A decade and two children on, those clothes are not only out of fashion but they're not meant for someone my (ahem!) age. So I packed one big bag to donate and another bigger bag to take to a consignment store. 

Of course, now I have a few holes in my closet that require filling. Basically I need a couple things for work that will also take me into the weekend. A quick look at my Pinterest boards tells me that I'm drawn to mainly black, white and grey basics which is good news because these items easily translate into Fall and Winter. It's the start of a good base I can continue to build on.

So here's the plan:

- a pair of Arizona Birkenstocks in White

- a black skirt 

- some black, white and heather tees

-a short-sleeved sweat top

- white jeans

And if I'm still feeling flush at the end of all that maybe some slip-ons. Can't get enough of the sneakers these days.

Anything you're craving this summer?