the results are in

So the exciting news around our house this week was the result of our ultrasound test. The first time around we opted for a surprise (or I should say my husband opted a surprise, I was all about finding about). This go around we both agreed that finding out would be best. If only, so we could sort through all the baby clothes we have been holding on to since Henry was born. I'm excited to say it's a girl!

Vanessa Redgrave with daughters Joely Richardson and Natasha Richardson

I know you're not suppose to say this but secretly I really wanted a girl. As I lay on the table during the ultrasound appointment the only words running through my head were, "please, let it be a girl", "please, let it be a girl", "please let it be a girl" and every now and then I would throw in a "please, let it be healthy." I grew up in a family of all girls and I really thought I would have no idea what to do with a boy which is actually pretty silly but I always dreamed of having my own daughter.

Vintage photo from the Sartorialist

For one, you cannot deny the adorability of little girl's clothes. I'm happy to finally be able to shop in the other 75% of the store. (Have you ever noticed how much room is given up to boy's clothes - very little and it is usually tucked way in the back - a sea of brown, red, khaki green and blue.) There is also something really nice about experiencing one of each. Having had a boy, I can say, that when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter. Your heart opens wide for the child but yes, I am happy, very happy, that a little girl is on the way!

Jane Birkin

And then, there are the names.  Choosing a girl's name seems so  much more difficult. For years (and by years I mean decades) I have kept a list of my favorite names in the back of my address book. The girl's side doubles if not triples the boy's side. The list is a constantly changing entity with names falling in and out of favor. The list looks something like this:

Honor (x)
Chloe (x)
Scarlett (x)
Tate (x)
and on and on.

Martha Stewart and daughter Alexis

The "x's" mean the name has fallen out of favour. Of course, liking a name and actually bestowing it on someone are two complete different things. There's a certain responsibility when giving a name. I always like to imagine my child being two complete different things when it grows up like a rock star and a supreme court judge. Then, I try the name out and if it works for both (or at least if the middle name works) than it has potential.

Anyways, I'm all ears to other great baby names. I know everyone has a few favorites. Why not share a few!

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Vintage photo - The Sartorialist
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