the friday files - guest edition

I'm super lucky to have another person guest posting for me today. Meagan who writes the blog The Row House Nest is originally from Canada but now lives in Ireland. Her blog is chock-a-block full of DIY projects, inspiration and beautifully themed posts. If you haven't been over there before it's definitely worth a look!  Feast your eyes on this Swedish home she found.  Why is it that Scandinavian homes are so aesthetically appealing?

I fall for them every time without fail. Honestly, it makes me feel like a 14-year-old girl falling for her favourite boy band - so predictable! I don't know, it could be that slick modern feel, paired with traditional simple pieces on the blank white canvas.  My own mother (coincidentally named Marion!) has a theory that most women are drawn to white spaces, something in our genetic makeup forces us to gravitate towards them. Although my background is in Psychology, I couldn't even begin to deconstruct the reasons behind my predictable fondness for Scandinavian homes, what can I say? I just like them!

So today, I share with you a beautiful modern Swedish home that I located on a real estate website called Stadshem. Take the time to read about the history behind Stadshem and their unique niche market of selling only older homes in Göteborg, Sweden.

A touch of colour in the hallway.

A simple palette of natural wood, glossy white and black tiles.

Open concept kitchen leads out to an inviting nest of pillows and splashes of pattern and colour.

I could hide away all day on this patio reading a book.

Bright dashes of colour.

Hope you enjoyed this charming Scandinavian home as much as I did - and hey, if you feel like moving to Göteborg, Sweden it is for sale!

Thanks Meagan! Have a great weekend everyone.

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