the friday files - guest edition

Hey it's Friday and it's summer which means I'm going to take a little break and hand this post off to someone else to do! You might know Jenn Hannotte from the fabulous Hello! Neighbor house tour we did a few months back. She also blogs over at The Interiorist, one of my must-reads for its witty and insightful take on interior design. Take it away, Jenn! I'm with Emma when it comes to the over-all colour-scheme in my home: neutral, organic and light. But I have this secret folder on my computer where I hide all the colour, and it's been getting more and more intense over the last couple of months. The colours, I mean, not the secretive picture hording (that's private). Neon, vibrating hues have been creeping off the runway for several years, but I think this season's pairing of the neon with the neutral is what appeals to me. It's a good tension, it's not too on-the-nose or playing into some 'ironic fad' - it's just a good combination that I haven't really considered earnestly in interiors. I can totally see sneaking in some neon by way of a cute print like this or splashing my neutral dining room table with these guys.

What about you? Can you picture moving-in some hot pink to stay a while?

See if some of these images change your mind - I tried to find a selection that show neon used in neutral, organic spaces to fantastic effect that have been the impetus to my bandwagon-hopping - a bandwagon that is industrial and rustic strewn with bright, neon textiles to make the trip worth it!

Image credits:
1 - via Song of Style
2-4 - Rachel Whiting