the friday files

Can you believe it? September is already here. When did that happen? However,  I'm not ready to let go of August just yet. Actually, I'm going to keep on pretending it's August for this weekend and into next week.  I'm going to be taking a bit of a blogging break, just for a week, to hold off fall a little longer. I won't be completely absent but you can expect maybe 2 posts at most. I need to read some fiction books, listen to some music, flip through magazines (not design related), eat good food and pretty much clear my mind and get re-energized again.

Case in point, today I picked up New York Magazine, something I do infrequently. There was a photo essay in it by James Mollison that stopped me in my tracks. In fact, this was the second time this month I've been blown away by Mollison's photography. The first was this feature in The New York Times on the book he wrote about children's bedrooms around the world. An engrossing and at times sobering essay on the diversity of resources around the world. This time I was stopped dead in my tracks by the arresting figure of Donatella Versace. As I thumbed through the article on fashion designers, artists and hangers-on in their own habitats I was once again reminded by how much I'm fascinated by the worlds we create for ourselves.

Donatella Versace - Talking to the press at a preshow viewing of the collection, Milan.

Stefano Pilati in his office, Paris.

Camille Miceli, jewelry designer with her drawings and samples from Dior's last collection.

Odile Robert, hairstylist in her studio, Paris.

Olivier Theyskens, designer in his apartment, Paris.

Carla Sozzani, Owner of 10 Corso Como, in her office Milan.

Bryanboy, blogger in a rented apartment, Milan.