the friday files

The desperation is palpable. You can feel it in the air. The desire to hold onto summer just a little longer before the madness of September begins. This is such a fabulous time of year we shouldn't rush through it. The lakes are warm, the markets are overflowing with produce, and those early June ambitions of a perfect garden are long forgotten.

We try and eat outdoors as much as we can during these last days of August. It makes us feel like we're doing all we can to drink summer in. Do you have any tricks for extending the warm days?

I'm kicking off next week with an amazing giveaway that might inspire you to put off thinking about September for a little longer. I am so excited to be sharing the work of this artist with you. Not only has her worked appeared in The New York Times, Elle Magazine, and Real Simple but she has met Kate Spade! You're not going to want to miss this one!

I'm leaving you with some images from French photographer Jean-Marc Palisse.

Enjoy your summer weekend!

{I want the elephant head (I'm sure it's fake), the wood slab table and the bike!}

All photographs by Jean-Marc Palisse.