the friday files

One of the hazards of trying to do to much is that many of the things you enjoy doing in life get pushed to the way side. Simple pleasures like actually talking to your husband, enjoying the company of friends, reading for pleasure and spending meaningful time with your children get sidestepped for work, emails, and more work. I sometimes feel like I'm on a solitary pursuit going somewhere fast and I'm just hoping that the people I care about are holding on for the ride. Well, this weekend I'm going to try and slow down a bit. I'm going to revel in the company of friends, go to a baseball game with the family (and I hate baseball), make something delicious to eat with Henry, and crack open that book I'm reading on Wallis Simpson.

If you're looking for a few lovely things to check out this weekend I recommend gawking at the pictures on this blog. All of the moms and children are too perfect for words and their lives seem very enviable. I've only just recently discovered Amanda Hesser's blog Food 52 and I'm loving the slideshow's they do on how to make a particular recipe. This one for Raspberry Custard Cups is particularly beautiful in its simplicity. Finally, I thought the send off to this little girl's birthday was pretty spectacular. There is something wonderful about releasing something into the sky and watching it disappear.

I'm leaving you with some photos of Julia Jeuvall and Tom Budding's Parisian apartment that was recently on The New York Times. White done right! Have a great weekend.

All photographs by Ed Alcock for The New York Times.