the friday files

I have a few things on the go right now that are really keeping me busy. Next week, I have two photo shoots scheduled. The first one is for September's Hello! Neighbor post with my trusted and lovely photographer Kristin Sjaarda. The second is a two-part shoot at a couple of the homes my partner, Yasmin and I recently finished designing. We're working with photographer Ashley Tonner who took these amazing shots for House and Home awhile back. I'm excited to see the homes camera-ready and to see what Ashley comes up with! The photos will be used on our new Marion Melbourne website which we will relaunch later this month.

Speaking of relaunching, I finally figured out today why people outside of Canada could not log on to my facebook page. It turns out there is a setting under Profiles that restricted access to Canadians. Well, that has now been changed! So world, if you would like to "like" me on facebook you now can.

I'd love to hear what's keeping you busy this summer.

I'm leaving you with some images from photographer Brian Park who took the shots for one of my favorite books, Restoring a House in the City (thanks again, Abbey!).

All images Brian Park.