the friday files

Wow, am I glad it's Friday! We just wrapped another extremely busy week over here at The Marion House. Yesterday, I actually had a photoshoot in my house (!) for a national magazine that I hopefully will be able to tell you more about closer to the publication date. As you can imagine, getting your house ready for a magazine spread is a serious endeavor. There were rooms to clean and flowers to buy and props to purchase not to mention getting myself and family camera-ready all for a 8:30 am call time!

I take my hat off to all the homeowners I have shot for my Hello! Neighbor posts - especially those of you with small children! Your homes are always immaculate and every small detail has been considered. Kristin and I do very little, if any, propping or moving around of items when we shoot people's homes. We try our best to shoot them as they are lived in. So thank you, Hello! Neighbor friends...I now know how hard it is to get a house ready for the camera!

This weekend we also celebrate Mother's Day. Being a mom myself, I know it is one of the most rewarding but also one of the hardest jobs out there. Do you have anything special planned to celebrate the mom in your life? Unfortunately, mine lives on the other side of the country so I will have to send her my love from here. Happy Mother's Day, mom! I only wish you lived closer.

Below some inspiring images from photographer Magnus Marding's portfolio. Have a lovely weekend!

Image credits:
Magnus Marding