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Last weekend, a few families in our neighbourhood got together for a casual Sunday brunch which we managed to eat outside. It was a little bit on the chilly side but we were all so desperate to be in the fresh air that it didn't matter. Plus it's much easier to keep 7 boys and 2 girls occupied outside! On the table, was a copy of the Sunday edition of the New York Times which last week included the T Design magazine.  I instantly became bad company! I can't help it when faced with an interesting read. Before long, I was flipping through the pages entirely engrossed in the stories and oblivious to the chaos around me. There were two great design stories in the issue. The cover story which featured a house that was full of collections. (If you haven't seen it already you have to check out the cover of this issue. As my friend/Hello Neighbor photographer  said to me, "we're going to have to start telling our homeowners to stop tidying/cleaning their houses for shoots!" and the story featured below.

Dinder House, as it is known, is owned by Chris and Jo Maycock and their four boys. They bought the house in 2004 and hired shelter magazine editor turned amazing designer Ilse Crawford to restore the house. The results are stunning. My favorite room is probably the kitchen primarily for the fact that at first glance it doesn't even look like a place you would prepare food in. (It was the faucet that gave it away for me!) This might be due to the fact that this room was once the ballroom. Oh to be so lucky.

For more on the background of this house and additional images, check out the original story.

And to my friends at the brunch, I apologize for not giving you my full attention!

Image Credits:

Magnus Marding for New York Times Style Magazine