the design process - cutler design

When Natalie Cutler of Cutler Design reached out to me a few months ago with the project I showed you earlier this week on Hello! Neighbor I was excited to find out more about the design process she went through with her clients. Even as a designer, I enjoy seeing how a project comes together especially when there is a dramatic transformation. Sometimes when a space is so stuck in a particular time period (in this case the 80s)  it's hard to see its potential. That's where we, your friendly designers come in! It's our job to see what is possible and then make it happen. I hope seeing some of Natalie's process below will give you inspiration for your own space.

Dining area



Living Area

Hallway and staircase


Master Bedroom

Pretty amazing, right? A complete transformation and so much of it attained with a simple change of paint and a clear vision of what they wanted to succeed.

If you have any questions for Natalie or the homeowner, Kim, please ask away. I'm sure they would be happy to provide you with answers.