new kitchen lights

Way back in March I wrote about changing our kitchen lights. In fact, it was the first Cast Your Vote series I did and the response was amazing. The overall winner was the West Elm Globe Pendant Light. Well, I am pleased to say that I followed your advice. We have taken down are old green industrial lights...

and replaced them with these.

I was immediately impressed by how much lighter and airier the room seemed. The Edison bulbs in the pendants also give off a nice warm glow which counteracts some of the coldness from all the hard surfaces in our kitchen. I took these photos at night so that you could see some of the effect.

Of course, I think they really work against the black wall. Harry seems to like them too. He often points upwards and says, "bubbles". For now, I will hold on to the green industrial pendant lights as I can't part with them just yet. I'm sure I will find a spot for them somewhere down the road.