fifty-two objects - no.12

One of the added bonuses of doing this post is looking a little deeper into some of the objects that hold meaning for me. When Henry was born we received Bunnykins and Peter Rabbit plates, bowls and cups from our parents that we had once used as children. In preparing this post, I discovered that the Bunnykins plates became popular to give as gifts when it was announced that Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret used them. The illustrations were created by a woman named Mary Barbara Bailey, also known as Barbara Vernon, who was actually a nun in the Augustinian Canonesses of the Lateran. She worked on the drawings late at night because the Reverend Mother disapproved of the project. If you have some Bunnykins plates of your own you might want to flip them over to see if they have a signature by Vernon. If so, they are quite rare and highly prized.

Now, object number twelve in my quest to document my life in 52 Objects.