the friday files - wedding edition

Oh weddings! Part of me is really happy I don't have to plan a wedding in this day and age while the other part of me daydreams about what I would do the second time around! It seems in recent years, that weddings have become even more stylized and designed with meticulously thought out themes, colour palettes, and exquisitely thought out details. I think the pressure of planning the "perfect" wedding would throw me over the edge! My own wedding was a fairly small affair, only 50 people. We got married on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with towering old-growth trees overhead in a small seaside town called Tofino. I wore a simple, satin white column dress while my husband laughed it up in a lavender jacket and striped Paul Smith shirt. I remember taking my florist photographs of lichen and moss covered rocks and woody ferns and pieces of driftwood. I wanted the wedding to feel like it fit the location. She kindly obliged me with centerpieces made of maidenhead ferns, vases ringed with moss covered necklaces and the most beautiful cascading bouquet of white orchids. It was beautiful, small and intimate.

I think if I was to do it a second time I would go downtown chic. I'd get married at city hall in a spectacularly cut suit with a tilted hat and short veil covering my eyes, followed by an intimate dinner and an early morning flight the next day to a amazing destination!

How about you? Do you have fond memories of your own wedding or dreams about the one you're planning?


Image Credits:
1- Dewey Nicks
2- Jessica Claire via Style Me Pretty
3 - Jason Schmidt
4- Cecil Beaton
5 - Anne Menke
6 - Pamela Hanson