the friday files

I admit that I haven't been able to get around to see many of my favorite blogs lately and I apologize for that. However, awhile back I did get an email from a relatively new blogger, named Sarah situated in Jakarta, Indonesia but originally from Sidney, Australia. She was looking for some advice on blogging but I don't think she really needs any! The other day I found myself scrolling through post after post on her blog, Catalogued Life, totally engrossed in all her stories and interesting discoveries. One of my favorites was this post here on monuments built during the 60s and 70s in former Yugoslavia. You have to take a look at these photos! Part majestic - part intimidating, these structures will totally captivate you. Speaking of favorites have you seen the post House and Home has up on their website right now? They're asking readers to vote on their favorite room from the magazine's archives. Later this year, the magazine will turn 25 years old and I suspect that this contest will somehow play into that special issue. The selection is somewhat staggering. There are over 70 images to choose from. I've pulled a few of my favorites from their list including the current number one and two choices. Can you guess which ones they are? No cheating!

Image Credits - (All images via House and Home)
1 -Chris Tubbs
2 -Michael Graydon
3 -Michael Graydon
4 -Angus Fergusson
5 -John Cullen
6 -Ted Yarwood