henry's room - moodboard one

With time a-tickin',  I think I've narrowed down Henry's new room to two ideas. I'll show you the first moodboard today and the other one next week. I'm really not sure which way to go and would love your input - the good and the bad! Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places and honestly who knows why one thought sticks in your head when another one doesn't. Since I started this project, this is the image that keeps popping up in my mind.

Commune Design, Hollywood California 2008

Okay, so not your typical little boy's room inspiration! What I'm drawn to here is the wood panelling, combined with the eye-catching rug, the swath of bright yellow curtain, the driftwood lamps and the simple, basic white linen covers. As you might remember, I'm thinking of treating the wall behind Henry's bed with some kind of vertical or horizontal wood panelling either in a white oak or black walnut. That's where the wood will come in. The other elements will be more like below.

The jumping off point for my colour scheme comes from this vivid flokati style rug with diamond accents in emerald green, charcoal grey, and persimmon. Amazingly, it works very well with two of the elements we already own (the white Ikea malm dresser and java Eames rocking chair) which will inevitably find their way into the room. The bed will most likely consist of an upholstered headboard and foodboard in either charcoal grey linen or felt. I'll add another shot of colour to the room with bold emerald green linen curtains. No room is complete without a dramatic chandelier and I think this Coral Pendant would be a good fit. For toy storage, I'll probably have a low bench made under which I will stash five of these West Elm woven baskets for toys. I might paint the area above the bench in charcoal grey chalkboard paint to create a small craft area.  For art, we'll try and find some vintage sporting posters like the ones pictured above. Then I'll place a driftwood lamp on one of the dressers or a bedside table.

This scheme really came together because of the colourful flokati rug I found. However, it is the one element I'm afraid I might grow tired of down the road. The good news is that once this rug is removed the room is actually quite neutral. Imagine there will be a wood panelled wall, a dark grey bed, white sheets, white dresser and a grey chair. The only touches of colour remaining will be the green curtains and the art which could also be switched out. If I'm really looking for longevity out of the room I could even choose a more neutral curtain to begin with ensuring me many options down the road.

What do you think? It's quite colourful? Does it suit a little boy?  (The next one is more subdued!)