happy day

I have a little secret to share with you. This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday. It will probably be a pretty low-key affair. During the day, I'm going to stop by the Parkdale Bazaar where some of my favorite local artisans including The Arthur and Scout & Catalogue will be selling their wares.

The Arthur

Scout & Catalogue

I'm also planning a little jaunt across the alley to Pantry Press's 15th Anniversary Holiday Studio Sale. Do you know their work? Absolutely to die for. Martha is a fan.

Pantry Press

You see, December is a busy month around our house. Not only is it my birthday but Henry and Myles also have December birthdays. Next weekend, we're throwing a big themed party to celebrate our collective aging. I'll have more details next week along with a very cool giveaway. Until then, you won't see much in the way of holiday decorations or cooking around here. Once the party is out of the way then I will be at it full force!

{Can you believe that all of these talented people live in my neighbourhood?}