chatelaine - your turn to choose

Last week I filled you in on a design project my partner Yasmin and I have been working on for Chatelaine magazine. We were given the task of making over a typical, nondescript bedroom. Today, I thought I would take you back to the beginning of the process to give you an idea of how we start a project and some of the steps we go through. Almost all projects start with a kernel of an idea, a look or an inspiration that guides the design. In this case, we were given the following images by the clients.

Sometimes we get literally hundreds of images from people and other times only a handful. To be honest, I find the fewer images we receive the easier it is for us to achieve something closer to what you want. Here it was easy to see that the clients were drawn to the colour blue. We also picked up on a feeling of wanderlust, the idea of escape or travel that was part Mediterranean in feel and part Asian. Armed with these images we set out to find some furniture, fabrics and objects that would lead the way.

{A few notes before we begin. The room we are working with has four white walls and a medium oak floor. It is a rental property so actual physical changes to the room were kept to a minimum. We decided that the best use of the clients money would be on pieces they could take with them to another home.}

We presented to the clients three different scenarios. Each with their own personality but centered around a common theme.

The first included lots of brass and gold elements which we picked up on from the chandelier in the inspiration image and the colours in the large photograph on the wall.

The second scenario relied on heavier dark wood pieces and sculptural elements that gave the room an ethnic flair.

The third included many organic and natural elements like the woven baskets and sisal rug which made the overall feel of the room more relaxed and beachy.

While the clients liked elements of all three (to a certain degree these designs can be mixed and matched) in the end they did settle on one overall direction or feeling.

Can you guess which one it is? Do you have a personal preference?

before and after

I thought we would start off the week with a little before and after. This is a design project that my partner, Yasmin, and I took on late last year with our company Marion Melbourne. The owner is a lovely woman who was looking to update the second floor of her house. We redesigned her master bedroom, bathroom, and office. Today, I'm going to show you the master bedroom makeover.

Here is the before:

Not looking so great. Like many of us, she never really finished her bedroom after she moved in. It by no means reflected our client who has great personal style and an energetic and vibrant personality. This woman has the best collection of Virginia Johnson shawls, scarves and tunics that I have ever seen.

Virginia Johnson - (don't you love this stuff?)

Luckily, for us she was game for almost everything including a custom fuschia pink upholstered headboard, oversized pendant light and bold patterns. I think her new bedroom is a much better reflection of who she is. I hope she is enjoying it.

And the after: