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Do you find yourself drawn to images of homes where real people live compared to the more studied and composed interiors of professional designers? During the past week, I've  had some time to catch up on my magazine reading and I keep thinking about the interview I read in the new issue of House & Home magazine with Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio. As many of you probably know, Christiane has a new book coming out called Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design. In the interview she states, "the arbiters of style have completely changed. It's not decorators I look to for inspiration anymore; its real people. The great thing about the democracy of design via the Internet is that it's borderless."  In essence, Christiane is promoting the idea of DIY design and is looking to the internet and blogs for her inspiration. She later states, "the Internet offers so much proof that the most vibrant style ideas are coming from the minds of real people."

Wow, what do you think of this?  Are design bloggers the new leaders when it comes to championing a look or setting trends? Are we blazing a trail that promotes a more "real" aesthetic - that is more attainable to the everyday reader? Have the tables turned - are magazines looking to blogs for story ideas and inspiration?

In the January "Trends" issue of Style At Home magazine, they ran a story about blogger style where they highlighted elements like: faux fur, ikat, eclectic lighting, tribal patterns, collected glassware and graphic type as indicative of the look bloggers tend to favor. The article states, "the decor approach is playful, making iconic pieces accessible by mixing them with DIY projects; putting together simple, lovely vignettes; and incorporating collections with a global flair."

I do think we are seeing a looser, more personal aesthetic creeping into magazines and I think that part of that is due to the proliferation of images of everyday people's homes on the internet. Personally , I get no pleasure out of seeing an "decorated" home with perfectly matched upholstery and composed furniture arrangements and colour coordinated artwork. They're lifeless and boring and predictable. I think homes should reflect the individuals that live in them and feel authentic and that means that things won't be perfect!

What do you think? Are design bloggers setting trends with our eclectic, DIY style? Has the Internet democratized design?

Here are a few shots gathered from personal home tours around the blogosphere.

Oh and I'll be back here on Monday with my Hello! Neighbor tour for February! Have a great weekend.

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