cast your vote: garden design

Before I ask this week's Cast Your Vote question I'd like to thank all those people who sent in their own home questions and requests. In the coming weeks I will start posting some of your design dilemmas. We're going to be choosing everything from kitchen backsplash tiles to paint colours to front doors. But for now it is gardens. The Marion House is in need of some new front landscaping and I've been looking at images all weekend trying to decide what to do. I'm torn between doing something clean and modern like this...

via Remodelista

or doing something more traditional with cobblestones and free flowing arrangements like this.

Sarah Price Landscapes

In my quest to find something that bridged the gap between these two styles I found these images. I think of these gardens as modern but with a nod to traditionalism. Something like this might just be the answer.

Jinny Blom

What do you think? While I really love the clean lines and uniformity of the modern gardens I sometimes think that gardens should just look like gardens; natural, loose, lush, and free. I also have to consider the outside of our house. While the interior is a mix of modern and vintage the outside looks very much like a traditional house. What do you think? Does a modern garden work with a traditional house? Should I stick with a traditional garden scheme or go with something that combines the two?