What is your capacity to understand? To withstand? To produce? To learn? To love? Is your cup half full or is it half empty? How much of who you are is what you collect? Is infinity possible? These are some of the questions a new design show opening next week in Toronto is asking.

I'll throw a few more out there; how much do you know about female designer's living and working in Toronto? How often do you take for granted that almost everything you interact with on a daily basis from your alarm clock to your coffee maker to your computer was designed by someone? What is the purpose of design and how does it effect your life?

Capacity is one of a group of shows participating in TO DO, a series of off site events during Toronto Design Week. The show organized by Katherine Morley and Erin McCutcheon will showcase the work of ten of Toronto's top industrial, graphic, industrial, and textile designers who also just happen to be female.

I've blogged about Katherine Morley's work before and I'm familiar with Arounna Khounnoraj's work as she is one half of the design team behind Bookhou and a contributing columnist on Poppytalk. Many of the other artist's however are new to me and I'm excited to learn more about their work next week when I see the show.

I do have to single one artist out though and that is Erin McCutcheon. She is probably the most creative person I know and also just happens to be my sister-in-law. Check out what she made us for Christmas this year...

Erin makes a mold using discarded bottles and jars we interact with on a daily basis and slip casts them to create these simple, beautiful porcelain vessels. By rendering them nameless and brandless she allows us to focus on the delicate shapes and undulations of these everyday jars elevating them to a thing of beauty. A gentle reminder that everything we touch in life was designed by someone so much of which goes by unnoticed.