cast your vote - dining chairs

I've been thinking recently of updating four of our dining room chairs. The ones we have at the moment are Thonet knock-offs with white vinyl seats that we purchased five years ago. They look nice but truth be told they are starting to get a bit rickety. In fact, one of them has been repaired so many times that the screws that hold it together are now stripped. If anyone has purchased dining room chairs you know the bill quickly escalates. A $250 chair translates to over $1000 in purchases when you have to buy multiples. It was cost that forced us to buy knock-offs the first time around. This time I'd like to spend my money on either vintage or licensed original chairs. While it may cost a bit more money initially, I think the investment pays off. Here are some pictures of the dining room as it looks today. The credenza, which I designed, is made of solid white oak as is the table. The painting is predominantly black and has a huge presence in the room. I'd like to also change the light fixture as it is blocking the sight lines of the painting but I'll save that for another post!

And here are the candidates for the new chairs. Let me know what you think.

The Eames Shell Chair in black with dowel legs. From Design Within Reach, $399

Or the Eames wire chairs with or without their bikinis. Vintage from Retro Modern Decor Store.

Or a selection of the two as seen in Frédéric Mechiche's 1712 house via the fabulous Door Sixteen

I could buy vintage Thonet Chairs as seen here in Remodelista editor Julie Carlson's house.

Or I could purchase vintage or new Marais chairs. Available from Design Within Reach for $250

Don't they look great here!

And here. Both pictures via Luphia.

I like the Shaker simplicity of the Salt chair from Design Within Reach for $98.00

The Era Chair, also designed by Thonet and available from Design Within Reach is classic and timeless for $150.

Finally, we could put a bench on one side like this one from Crate and Barrel

or this MASH Studios LAX bench from Modern Karibou and have two chairs on the other side.

So many choices....what do you think?