melissa's magical room

To kick things off while I'm away, I've asked Melissa from Melissa Loves to get us started. Melissa can always be counted on for beautiful, well composed posts accompanied by even more inspiring words. I'm addicted to her Cheap & Chic posts. This woman knows how to put together an incredible outfit while hardly spending a dime! I also love it when she tells us about her little girls and what kind acts they have been up to, such sweet stories. It looks like Melissa has created an inspiring room for us so let's get started! Hi sweet Emma lovers!

Melissa from Melissa loves here, honored to be helping hold down the fort for lovely Emma while she is away. I always come over here to get inspiration from Emma & her beautiful home, you too? Recently upon seeing Emma's gorgeous dining room re-do, I was reminded of this image from the current Sweet Paul mag. Which in turn reminded me of the magical lamp down below & a room began to take shape.

~ rabbit print here

~ lamp here custom

~ "you always make my day" here ( and Emma does, constantly, with her inspiration)

~ brass bunny here

~ amethyst bowl here

~ stool here

~ chaise here

~ vintage blanket similar to one shown above here

Thank you for having me...

xo Melis