party prep

This is maybe the craziest, busiest week I have had all year. So much is happening right now. Yesterday, I was busy shooting two houses for upcoming Hello! Neighbour posts (amazing spaces I can't wait to show you), and I was finalizing the details on a giveaway that I will announce on Thursday, and finally I've been working away on our upcoming party. In between all that I go to work, look after my almost two year old, and work on some design projects! As I mentioned last week, we have a party coming up this weekend that will celebrate all three of our birthdays. Last year, we had a Stripes party and this year our theme is The Beatles.

Where we came up with the idea for a Beatles party I have no clue! And honestly, it's not the easiest theme to work with. I've been spending a bit of time recently on all the beautiful wedding and event planning blogs and wondering why we didn't choose something more translatable to a party setting. Ironically, this morning I woke up to find out that today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death so maybe the idea for a Beatles party isn't so unusual after all.

I started by putting together some images of The Beatles:

As I was going through the photos it quickly became apparent that there are two main looks to this band; the earlier fresh-faced, clean cut days and the later kodachrome, hedonistic filled days.

Rather than choosing one period over another I decided to use both for my inspiration. The menu will consist of a mix of Indian food and some good British favorites. We'll also clear out the main rooms of furniture and throw some pillows on the floor ashram style. The kids will love it.

For dessert, I'm going to play with the idea of "Strawberry Fields Forever".

Strawberry and Vanilla Macaroon Trifle and Basic Sponge Cake - both Donna Hay

And what party would be complete without a little cake bunting or swag. I'm working on a few options right now.

For the kids, I'll probably make some "Rocky Raccoon" cupcakes. If you have any idea what I could make the ears out of let me know!

In another play on words, I'm going to make a signature cocktail for the party called "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" Lemonade. I saw these beautiful lemonade party favors over on Oh Happy Day and thought these vintage looking bottles from Ikea would be a great way to serve the drink. (Finally, one pretty idea I could incorporate into our party!)

I'm also really excited about the idea of having jars of candy labelled with words from Beatles songs like: tangerine trees, marmalade skies, kaleidoscope eyes, and marshmallow pies.

Finally, I'm working on some decorations. I don't want this party to end up looking like a groovy, flower power, Austin Powers-type bash so I'm staying away from anything that screams hippie sixties. I'm thinking more graphic, gritty black and white images. I even like the idea of making some fan style posters that just have scrawled sentiments on them. We'll see! Much depends on how much I can get done this week. Oh and of course a Beatles soundtrack! Do you have any ideas of what else I could do? I'm open to all and any suggestions!