before and after - oak table

I have this beautiful but very heavy and extremely cumbersome solid oak table that has travelled with me from Edmonton to Vancouver to Toronto. Every time I move I can't seem to part with it. The table is actually so big that it hasn't fit in our last two places. Rather than sell it we have used it as our outdoor table. It is perfect for big summer parties and casual backyard meals. It's weight is actually an asset outside as there is no fear of it blowing away. Now, don't be shocked when you see the next picture! I'll admit that last year my focus was more on learning the ways and means of a newborn baby than it was on house projects. Things like staining the outdoor table never crossed my mind.

Luckily, this year while my parents were visiting I casually mentioned to my father that I had been meaning to sand down and restain our table. Never the type to turn down a project my dad got to it right away and spent two days sanding the table. He even got into all the grooves around the legs. Oh, how I do love my dad!

I then borrowed some left over stain from our neighbours and ta-da it almost looks new again.

This is the first time I have used a white stain on the table. I think it looks pretty good. The great thing about having a piece of solid wood furniture is that you can sand and restain it again and again. To finish off the table I added six new Laver stacking chairs from Ikea:

My favorite way to decorate the table in the summer is to cut single blooms from the plants in our garden and display them in vintage glass bottles or the simple painted bottles I did earlier in the year.

It looks like I will be hanging on to this old table for a few more years to come. Up next, improving the fence, deck and gate! Yikes, does it look bad. There is always something that needs to be done.