london interior

I don't know if you saw the November 2011 issue of The World of Interiors but inside was a house that made my jaw drop open. It belongs to English designer and antique expert Rose Uniacke. I've been a fan of Uniacke's work for awhile now but I have never seen anything like this.

The house was a labour of love for Uniacke and took her upwards of five years to restore. Layers of plaster, false ceilings and emergency crash doors were removed to return the building into a comfortable family home. (It had been used commercially for a number of years.)

The piece de resistance of this house might just be the interior atrium outfitted with a luxurious array of tropical plants. Can you imagine coming home to this after a day out in the gloomy London weather?

The simple monochromatic colour palette of the rooms allows the architectural details of the spaces to take center stage. There is also a relaxed elegance to her choice of materials (including those cashmere curtains) that contrasts nicely with the grandeur of the house.

And yes, that is a window above the fireplace. Apparently, the flue was redirected so they could still enjoy the natural light. Does this place make you dream of finding your own derelict place to restore and renovate? Would you be willing to dedicate years to its renewal? I think if the result was something like this, you wouldn't hesitate for a second. I know I wouldn't!

Image credits:
Simon Upton for The World of Interiors